So many drivers proudly have bumper stickers and window decals on their vehicles for several reasons. However, those stickers could be putting your family in danger without realizing it.

When it comes to bumper stickers and window decals, the options are endless. You might be supporting your favorite sports team, an American flag, or a funny saying on your vehicle. We've all seen those on the road. However, there are certain window decals and bumper stickers that you might have on your vehicle that could potentially put you and your family in danger.

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Choose Your Decals Wisely

Some of the window decals and bumper stickers that you have on your vehicle could be telling criminals more personal information about yourself than you might realize. You could potentially be telling criminals your schedule, your personal information, or even what you own in your home or vehicle.

Let's take one of the riskiest decals you could have on your vehicle, for example, the stick figure family. You see these on the rear windows of thousands of vehicles across the country. This decal shows a stick figure version of all the members of your family. Sometimes, these decals show off activities that everyone is into, and they can even feature everyone's name.

That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what criminals can learn about you and your family solely based on your window decals and bumper stickers. A post from the Newnan Police Department, in Georgia, recently has gone viral explaining some of the decals and stickers that you have on your car that could be revealing more personal information to criminals than you might realize.

This isn't meant for you to scrape off all of your stickers and decals on your vehicle. However, it should make you think twice about what you put on display for strangers to see.

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There's no doubt each and every one of these violates one of those provisions, and most of them violate them all.

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