According to every Hallmark Christmas movie I've ever watched, and I've watched many, you should always be in love during the holidays. If you start the season out not in love or avoiding love, you are sure to find it if you meet a stranger who can organize a Christmas festival or save the local Christmas tree farm. But, that's the movies and real life doesn't always work out that way.

You might sitting on the couch right now watching a Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movie, sipping hot cocoa and and wishing the perfect man was right there in the room with you. You might also be looking at your Christmas tree and thinking that it's missing something but you just can't put your finger on it. You have all the lights, garland, ornaments, bows and even a star at the top, but it's just not complete. I think I know what you and your tree might be missing.

The only guarantee of finding the perfect man at Christmas is to go buy him on Amazon. Yes, it's the Perfect Man Chocolate Christmas ornament.

Perfect Man/Amazon
Perfect Man/Amazon

Look at those abs. Nice. And, he's not only delicious, but he's quiet, a good listener and he loves Christmas.

Yes, you can obviously find your perfect man on Amazon, but love usually happens when you aren't looking for it, So, keep not looking for it. It will happen. It happened to me. To me, my husband is as close to a perfect man as they come.

Until the perfect man, for you, walks into your life, you can curl up and watch the final days of Hallmark Christmas movies with a chocolatey, perfect man on you tree.

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