Pepsi just unveiled a new limited edition flavor that no one saw coming.

Pepsi has been known to release a few new flavors. Some have stuck around for a while, and others were simply a limited release. To this day, my favorite soft drink that Pepsi has put out has been the Wild Cherry Vanilla. A while back, they released some limited edition flavors like Mango, Berry, and Lime. These don't seem like to wild of flavors, but their latest release is something that I never would have thought to put together.

Pepsi announced a new limited edition flavor that has a major spring vibe. Pepsi has partnered up with Peeps for a new cola. Yes, Peeps. The marshmallow treat that everyone loves at Easter. This new Pepsi X Peeps marshmallow cola won't be found at stores, if you're jumping at the bit to try some. No, you will have to enter a sweepstakes to try to get your hands on some.

You can win a case of three colorful 7.5-oz. cans. The cans come in blue, pink, and yellow, however there is no difference in flavor, according to People. In the same article, they mentioned that they were able to taste test the new Pepsi X Peeps cola and they said that it tastes like marshmallows similar to Lucky Charms.

So how do you get your hands on a bundle of Pepsi X Peeps with the #HangingWithMyPEEPS sweepstakes? Pepsi wants you to show off your favorite springtime activities – in a safe, socially distant manner of course. All you have to do is submit photos of yourself "enjoying the spring with PEEPS Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies". You'll need share your photos and tag Pepsi on Twitter and Instagram for the chance to win a three pack of Pepsi X Peeps.

You can share your photos now through an undisclosed time on social media for your chance to win. No word on how many of these they will be giving away, but they did mention that they will also award 10 grand prize winners with an epic collector's package of Pepsi X Peeps.

(H/T- People)

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