Birds are very smart. Some birds, like parrots, can be taught to do tricks like dancing around, speaking, and singing.

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How intelligent is the parrot?

My son-in-law's mom has always had large exotic birds. I have personally witnessed how smart they are. Here is one of her parrots, Cusco, taking a very enjoyable bath.

Cusco loves to take a bath and will dance around for treats.

According to a study of the intelligence of parrots at Harvard,

A new study shows that African grey can perform some cognitive tasks at levels beyond that of 5-year-old humans. The results not only suggest that humans aren't the only species capable of making complex inferences, but also point to flaws in a widely used test of animal intelligence

That brings me to this amazing and funny parrot. Merlin and his dad live in Normal, Illinois. Merin didn't know where his dad was so he yelled for him until he came back into the room.

Here is what his dad had to say.

I went to the laundry room and forgot to tell my Amazon Parrot, Merlin. So he kept yelling dad and a bunch of other things until I came into view. He then went silent and just stared at me.




Merlin also sings. He loves to sing along with his dad.

Merlin the Amazing Amazon Parrot loves to sing songs with his dad. He loves YungBlud so he does a wonderful job singing the song Funeral! His Dad sings to but he's not good at all. It's just to get Merlin going!



Love him. Keep the video coming, Merlon!

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