Your chance to get up and close with the iconic vehicle is happening Friday afternoon on the Main Street Walkway, but it's not the first time this week it's been spotted in the Tri-State.

The Oscar Meyer Wienermobile was spotted in Newburgh earlier this week in the parking lot of a hotel by our Digital Managing Editor, Ashley. Not one to just keep driving and think, "Well there's something you don't see everyday," she turned around so she and her daughter could get a few pictures with the iconic vehicle. But that wasn't enough either. She managed to track down the driver to find out why it was here. Long story short, it was on its way to an appearance in Iowa and Newburgh was just a place to crash for the night. However, she also learned it will return to the Tri-State for two weeks for a couple of appearances in Owensboro; the Sunset Cruisers Cruise in from 3-8 PM on 101 West 3rd Street this Saturday (August 1st, 2020), and the Live on the Banks event from 6-9 PM at 199 West Veterans Boulevard next Saturday (August 8th).

They're looking to maximize their time while they're here, and are currently taking requests for other appearances in the area. You can request an appearance by filling out a form on their website.

Obviously someone with Downtown Evansville took them up on the offer as they announced on Facebook the Wienermobile will be headed to the Main Street Walkway Friday afternoon.

The appearance is scheduled to happen at Game Room Alley from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. between Enjolé Interiors at 313 Main and Encounter Church at 317 Main.

You won't be able to ride in it, but you will be able to take photos and look inside while enjoying the variety of free games to play including a huge Connect Four board, chess, checkers, hopscotch, and even Twister. All of which are sanitized regularly. Check out the Game Room Alley on Facebook and Instagram to see all they offer.

The good news is, if you can't make it downtown, it has a few more appearances scheduled around the Tri-State before it's August 8th appearance in Evansville.

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