Some days eating an entire pizza just sounds like heaven, right?  For some of us, if given the chance, we would do this all the time.  Because who doesn't love the chance to eat one of the most delicious food items ever?  Unfortunately, we usually have to restrain ourselves from over indulging because of the affects that it could have on our health.  Not to mention what happens the next know what I mean.  However, I have come across something that may just make you feel  little better the next time you smash a whole pizza or some other unhealthy food item.

A recent study from The University of Bath in the United Kingdom  has found that the occasional(key word here is occasional) pig out isn't as unhealthy as it has been perceived to be.  What the study found was that this occasional(there is that word again) over indulgence can be beneficial.  It throws the body and digestive system into overdrive to process the extra amount of calories consumed during a big meal.  I.e and entire pizza or two to yourself.

Again, I can't stress enough that eating a ton of food in one sitting should not be done every day.  That's when you will most definitely run into some serious problems.  However, the occasional cheat meal can be beneficial.  Especially if you are on any kind of diet.  Not only does it throw your body into overdrive, like I said before, but it's also good for your mental well-being.  Sometimes you just need that ultra greasy or sweet treat to make you r day a little bit better.  So, the next time you decide to chow down on something not so healthy, enjoy it a little bit more.  Your body sure will.

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