The Schenck Mansion is a short drive from the Tri-State, and it's said to be very haunted!

Located in Vevay Indiana, the Schenck Mansion was built in 1874.  According to The Schenck Mansion's website, it's known as "the house on the hill" which packs a very curious, but ominous feel to it.  It's also said to be haunted, like super haunted!

Indiana Paranormal has The Schenck Mansion listed as haunted, they say it's haunted by the Victorian Lady in White.  I had to do a little digging to find some info on her, and describes her as the following:

A ghostly Lady in White in Victorian attire haunts the second floor of this 1874 bed-and-breakfast building, originally built as a mansion of a home for Benjamin Franklin Schenk. She is said to walk the hallways, taking no notice of anyone around her. Guests also have reported hearing voices, footsteps, and something moving in their rooms at night.

Vevay Indiana, it's about a 3 hour drive from the Tri-State area. It's located between Louisville and Cincinnati. If you're interested in going to check this beautifully creepy place out, you can check out their website and book your stay, by clicking here.

See Inside This Haunted Indiana Bed & Breakfast

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