Downtown Evansville is now home to a new restaurant!

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One thing I love about downtown Evansville is the fact that it is always growing. There always seems to be something new coming to downtown, and over the last few years our little downtown has begun to flourish. I love seeing my hometown grow! A new establishment has now opened its doors downtown.

This is the location before the current owners renovated the outside to be red.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Samuel's Opens Downtown

Samuel's is the name of the restaurant that you can now find on 4th Street.   Here's what Evansville 411 had to say about the new place:

Evansville Development Update: A new restaurant in Downtown Evansville is now open.
The new restaurant is called Samuel’s, but who is Samuel? Find out by visiting or viewing the menu at the website below! The restaurant will operate a soft opening menu until Thursday.
Location: 113 SE Fourth Street
🍔 Hours 🍔
Tuesday-Sunday: 11 am - 10 pm
🍟 Food Menu 🍟
- Crispy Brussels
- Croquettes
- Deviled Eggs
- House Made Fries
- Truffle Fries
- Crispy Red Potatoes
- Local Mixed Greens
- Local Tomatoes
- The Classic
- Peanut Butter Smash
- Fried Chicken Sandwich
- Spicy Chicken Sandwich
- Fried Chicken Salad
- Dessert (rotating)
- And rotating seasonal options!
Samuel’s also offers a full menu of cocktails, wine and beer. Visit for more details or follow Eat at Samuel’s on Facebook!
Note: Full menu will start following the conclusion of the soft opening.
I checked out Samuel's menu online, and I cannot wait to try this place out! I can hear their crispy brussels calling my name already.
They are a smaller establishment, so due to their size they are a 21+ establishment, so that's something to remember if you have kids, you'll need to get a babysitter for this one.

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