Okay...I've hit enough potholes lately to scrape off half my tire treads, wear out my shocks and throw my wheels out of alignment - enough already!  I'm getting quite peeved about the potholes I have to dodge every day as I drive to work and home again.  I'm glad to know that the pothole patrols are getting out to the streets and I have to tell you, they can't get these dang blasted potholes filled soon enough!

Whether you drive a newer or older vehicle, it doesn't matter because none of us likes to feel the tire hitting the pothole.  When you hit one, you can't help but exclaim something, like "Ohhh," or "X$%#@!"  Every time you don't effectively dodge one, you're doing a little bit more damage to your vehicle.

Now that the weather is warming up, be on the lookout for pothole crews and please, be nice to them!  The pothole patrol crews are our friends.  Show your appreciation to them in whatever ways you can since they are there to get rid of the (#$@%) potholes!

INDOT has crews out each day patching up on I-64 in Warrick, Spencer, Dubois, Perry and Crawford counties.  But more than that, if you see potholes that you want eradicated on an interstate, U.S. highway or state road, call INDOT and let them know!  The number is 1-800-279-5758.

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