Our local first responders are always there to protect us, keep us safe, and lend a helping hand anytime we find ourselves in an emergency situation. Now, one of those first responders needs our help after being involved in a serious car wreck Thursday morning in Spencer County.

Spencer County, Indiana Deputy Involved in Head-On Collision

According to a report from the Indiana State Police, Deputy Ron Harper, a three-year veteran of the Spencer County Sheriff's Office was driving westbound on Highway 66 near the intersection with Old Lamar Highway around 5:00 AM when a vehicle driving in the opposite direction swerved off the road, then entered Deputy Harper's lane as they overcorrected while attempting to get back on the road. The result was a head-on collision that completely smashed the front of Deputy Harper's cruiser inward (pictured above) and killed the driver of the other vehicle. As of this writing, investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol were factors.

Google Maps
The crash took place along this stretch of Highway 66 near Old Lamar Highway (Google Maps)
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Go Fund Me Account Created to Cover Deputy Harper's Medical Expenses

Deputy Harper was able to walk away from the crash however, according to a friend of the family, he suffered a broken collarbone, broken ribs, and a fractured pelvis. He was initially taken to Owensboro Hospital for treatment, then life-flighted to Louisville where he will undergo several extensive surgeries to repair the damage.

Harper and his wife have young children and are currently expecting another. The cost of the procedures he'll require to heal have created an unexpected hardship on the family's finances, so the Lincoln Land Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #203 in Spencer County has created a Go Fund Me account to allow the public to make donations that will help cover those expenses. If you'd like to contribute, visit the account here, or use the box below to make a donation.

[Source: Indiana State Police / Go Fund Me]

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