This morning, my sister-in-law sent me a Facebook post from the Warrick Humane Society that broke my heart.

This poor girl was just surrendered to us. She was the product of a breeder who could obviously care less about her.  She was never even given a name. We are calling her Thumbelina. She's around a year old, 4 lb chihuahua. She is very sweet but scared.


I've had a chihuahua mix named Chaz for about 13 years now so hearing that this little glal has been unloved her whole life is so incredibly sad to me. Out of all the dog breeds, Chihuahuas are probably the most sensitive and have great human attachment needs.


Luckily this little Chihuahua is in good hands at the Warrick Humane Society - she even has a name: Thumbelina. Too cute, right?! To inquire about Thumbelina or any of the pets at WHS contact them at!