Recently a post on Facebook has gone viral announcing that a new indoor theme park is coming to Indiana, and folks here in the Evansville area are way more excited than they should be.

Malibu Jack's is an indoor theme park in Kentucky (with the closest location in Louisville) that is full of all indoor attractions such as go karts, laser tag, miniature golf, bounce beach, motion theater, bowling, virtual reality, indoor roller coasters, arcade games, and more! I have been there before and I had just as much fun in there as all of the kids did. It's truly a place that is exciting for anyone, whether you're age 7 or 37!  Entry to Malibu Jacks is free. To enjoy the attractions and games, you simply put money on a game card and then use the card at each attraction or arcade game. Check this place out:

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New Indiana Malibu Jack's Location Coming To Evansville?

Yesterday, a post went viral on Facebook announcing a new location for Malibu Jack's. To date, the post has over 18 thousand shares, and many of them come from people in the Evansville area. The post shows photos of the Louisville Malibu Jack's location and says:

This is coming to the old Sears building at the mall. They are planning to open this summer. We are starting this project today. These photos are from the Louisville location. Very similar here.

We all have probably seen this post shared on Facebook a few times. Many people in the Evansville area have shared it because they were under the impression that Malibu Jack's was coming to the old Sears location inside of Washington Square Mall. While they do intend on opening up an Indiana location, it won't be here in least not yet.

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So Where Is Malibu Jack's New Indiana Location?

After a little digging, it turns out that this post is about a new location coming to  Lafayette, Indiana. The new location will be in the old Sear's location at the Tippecanoe Mall. Sorry to crush everyone's hopes of Malibu Jack's coming to Evansville. As it stands, Goodwill recently purchased the former Sears location at Washington Square Mall in Evansville. They plan to move their Green River Road location into that building by next year.

I would love for a Malibu Jack's location to open up here in Evansville. I'm sure there are a few empty commercial locations that Malibu Jack's would fit in very well. With the outpouring of support and excitement from this viral post from folks in Evansville hoping that we would get a location, I wouldn't say that it's entirely unlikely that we see one here in the near future. Fingers crossed! That being said, we do have a new indoor all-ages playground coming to Evansville. You can find out all about Deep Blue Indoor Play coming to town by clicking here.

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