Please don't misconstrue my sharing of this story as an indication that men are equal to women when it comes to childbirth. My wife and I have been through two pregnancies and I realize that in comparison, men have it really easy. But if you think about it, it does seem a little unfair that men don't receive some sort of paid leave when they welcome a new child.

Women deserve every single bit of their paid maternity leave. In fact, they should receive even more in my opinion. But is the dad forced to go right back to work, or use up vacation time to stay home with mom and baby? Shouldn't he have a similar opportunity to take some extended time off from work?

The makers of Dove cosmetic products want to allow new fathers to spend more time at home, to not only bond with their baby, but to also help mom out during the 'challenging' time.

Dad's that are interested in one of these $5,000 grants need to submit an application and explain how the money would benefit his family. Dove plans to award $1 million over the next two years with the grant program ending on December 31st of 2020.

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