I have good news, and not-quite-bad-but-not-something-you'll-be-excited-to-hear news. The good news is (if you didn't read the headline), the patching and repaving project scheduled to begin next Monday on the Lloyd (a.k.a. State Road 62) between Rosenberger Avenue and the Vanderburgh-Posey County line has been delayed. Yay! That means traffic won't be a nightmare in that area starting next week. Now the not-quite-bad news, it's being pushed back a week so the nightmare will begin March 11th instead.

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), "weather conditions and cold temperatures played a part in delaying the start date."

Assuming that doesn't happen again as the 11th gets closer, the original plan remains in place which is to "close the westbound driving lane of S.R. 62 from Boehne Camp Road to Schutte Road, the westbound passing lane from Rosenberger Avenue to Schutte Road and Schutte Road to the Posey/Vanderburg County line." Those restrictions will be in place around the clock with lanes restricted to 15 feet until the completion of the project in early summer (barring any additional delays, of course).

Fortunately, there are ways around the construction. Upper Mt. Vernon Road essentially runs parallel to the Lloyd from the "3-point" at Tekoppel Avenue all the way to St. Phillips Road, crossing University Parkway in the process giving you the opportunity to access USI without touching the Lloyd. You can also get to USI the back way down Broadway Avenue to Shutte Road, or ride Broadway all the way to St. Phillips Road to access the highway and head to Mt. Vernon. Whether or not either way will get you there faster is debatable, but at least you won't have to drive through all that construction, and there should be less traffic.

Drive safe!

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