A new coffee brewer recently opened their doors in downtown Evansville and we just learned that they will be set up inside the Ford Center during Guns & Hoses.

This Saturday, August 28, 2021 inside Ford Center, local police officers and local firefighters will battle it out in the boxing ring and all of the proceeds will go to benefit local charities. There are even a record number of female fights this year with eight women competing in Guns & Hoses XIII.

Also new in 2021 is the addition of Joe Brewski to the concessions available during the event. For those not in the know, Joe Brewski is Evansville's newest addition to the coffee scene offering coffee delivery, catered events, and now a storefront in downtown Evansville. They serve up craft cold brew coffees with flavors like salted caramel, chocolate porter, and even bourbon barrel stout. You can even buy them in growlers!  They even have a craft lavender lemonade that is phenomenal. In a post to their social media, Joe Brewki says,

Hey friends Huge News!!! Tomorrow night we are going to be set up inside The Ford Center selling Brewski in support of Guns and Hoses

Traditionally sporting events and beer go hand in hand, but if you're like me and don't drink alcohol, the addition of Joe Brewski to the available concession options during Guns & Hoses at Ford Center is going to be a breath of fresh air. As a lover of coffee and caffeine (and the dopamine that comes with them), this is incredibly exciting news!

With it being the thirteenth Guns & Hoses event, this is also the tie-breaker with the Guns having won the majority of fights at 6 events and the Hoses having won the majority of fights at 6 of the events. Who will reign supreme is anyone's guess but we guarantee it will be an incredible show of athleticism, sound, light and pyrotechnics. If you've never been before, let this be the year that you experience everything that Guns & Hoses has to offer. Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster.com and Ford Center Box Office and again, all proceeds go to benefit local charities.

Coffee Creamer is the Secret Ingredient

I love coffee. It's pretty much the ONLY thing that makes mornings worth getting up for. As Lorelei Gilmore once said, I think I was coffee in another life. And one thing I love to put in my coffee is fancy creamers! This might be a shock to some, but I prefer at-home brew with CoffeeMate over drive-thru lattes. Sorry but not really sorry.

Did you know that there is MORE to do with coffee creamer though than just sticking it in coffee? It's actually a secret ingredient...

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