Ready to part with those clothes you swore you would wear again, but still hang in the back of your closet untouched for the past few years? Or maybe you have a set of old dishes that are still usable, but don't match your home decor like they used to. Whatever the case, Logan's Promise is giving you the chance the get it into the hands of someone who can/will use it during their first ever Community Rummage Sale on Saturday, September 8th!

The event takes place in the empty parking lot at the corner of St. Joe and the Lloyd Expressway across from Bristol Meyers. You know the one. It looks like this:

Ryan O'Bryan
(Google Maps)

The day runs from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and gives you the chance to set up shop for just $25 and sell whatever it is you want to sell. If you're are vendor (as in someone who sells arts and crafts, vegetables, homemade goods, etc. at Farmer's Markets), space is available for only $50. Proceeds from the event will help fund the organization's Safe Ride Home Program.

Have stuff you want to get rid of, but aren't looking to make money off of it? That's cool too! Logan's Promise is currently accepting donations they will sell for you with proceeds from those sales also funding the Safe Ride Program. All donations that go unsold at the end of the event will first be offered to the EVSC's Hangers store, followed by the Salvation Army.

For more information on setting up a donation, or renting a space, contact James McDowell at 812-204-3598, or by e-mail, or message Logan's Promise through their website or on Facebook.

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