Yesterday was a pretty interesting day at the Boonville Walmart. What do you get when you combine a Walmart manager, a cat, and a vending machine? A pretty interesting day on the job!

According to Walmart Manager,  Jamie Hilgeman, a customer went to one of the vending machines outside of the store and heard a sound that you normally don't hear from a vending machine - "meow." The customer alerted management that there was a cat in the vending machines. Jamie goes on about the cat saying:

She was startled and kept moving from one machine to another. She got stuck in the last one so we unplugged it and I reached in and pulled her out. She was pretty stuck so it took a little bit. We wrapped her in a towel to calm her and an associate offered to take her home. But she unfortunately ran off. I'm hoping she is close by to where they can find her.

The cat is safe and sound...somewhere out there. Hopefully it doesn't decide to climb into any more vending machines anytime soon! They aren't sure if the cat belongs to someone nearby or if it was dumped off there. However, that was only the second cat incident of the day. Management also had to help get another cat from under a customer's hood! Certainly an interesting day at Walmart, indeed!

Check out some of the photos from the cat's vending machine rescue yesterday:

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