As the 4th of July weekend approaches, the tri-state is showing it's patriotic pride. Fireworks are being purchased and American flags are being hung around every corner. After years of wear and tear, American flags may eventually need to be replaced. A local Eagle Scout, Joel Bulkley, made it his mission to ensure that the tri-state was aware that there is a proper way to dispose of our country's flag. To fulfill his goal, he decided to install American flag retirement boxes at the Kapperman Legion Post in Newburgh, IN, and the Wabash VFW in Evansville, IN.

Bulkley learned the importance of properly retiring the American flag from his two grandfathers who are veterans. One of Joel's grandfathers, Roy Weedman (Vietnam-era Veteran), gave him the idea to install these flag retirement boxes. Although many people may know that the American flag needs to be retired in a specific way, many do not know how to go about doing so properly. Joel's flag retirement boxes make it easy and convenient for people to properly retire their old American flags.

I have to say- this young man did a very impactful thing for our local community. As his cousin and as a local resident, I am super proud of what he was able to accomplish after setting his mind to it. If you have a flag that you are wanting to retire, visit either the Kapperman Legion Post or the Wabash VFW and drop it in their flag retirement box.

Local Eagle Scout Installs Flag Retirement Boxes around the Tri-State

For his Eagle Scout project, Joel Bulkley decided to install American flag retirement boxes at the Wabash VFW in Evansville and the Kapperman Legion Post in Newburgh. Continue reading to check them out!

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