In recent weeks a number of local businesses have come together in an attempt to eliminate the outstanding student lunch debt within the EVSC. It was revealed today that $29,404 has been raised through the collective efforts of several small businesses and the community.

It started with an idea from the guys that run High Score Saloon, Clint & Jared. From there, it grew, encompassing a number of local small businesses, some of which, as Clint pointed out in a recent Facebook post, have been in business for less than 5 years. These businesses include River City Coffee, Walton’s, Sauced and Crescent City Tattoo, just to name a few. (See the full list and amounts contributed in the post below.) 

This has been a tremendous effort on the part of the Evansville businesses and the community and really shows what kind of big things can happen when we all come together for a common good. In a time when is sometimes seems that the world has gotten darker than it use to be and that people are becoming selfish and self-serving, it really helps to restore a person's faith in humanity. And as someone who was one of the kids that often went without lunch money, thank you for contributing, and organizing and hustling to raise that money. Thank you for being a bright spot in the community and the world. I am grateful to share our city with you.




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