Can you believe that school started this week? I know, we don't talk about it... but you might want to listen up because if you have little kids, I'm about to make your life EASIER when school starts.

Every moment in the morning is precious! Can't find something? Say goodbye to 15 minutes! And, figuring things out the night before sounds great but that doesn't always work out either.

I implemented a plan a couple of years ago and I'm happy to report it has changed our morning routine for the better! It's EASY too if you give it, like, 3% effort.

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When I fold my daughter's clothes, I put them into outfits packs which include: a top, bottoms, undies, socks, and sweater (if applicable). I bought several boxes of gallon-size zip lock bags and put each completed outfit into a bag. Sometimes I include jewelry and bows too.

Then, at night, or in the morning she picks a bag and that's what she wears that day. We don't fight over outfits because she gets to "pick" the outfit. I am not running around for 30 minutes looking for a matching pair of socks or clean underwear... it's all there.

And if you are thinking, "I can't keep up with this..." YOU CAN! Just have your baggies there when you fold clothes and bam, it's DONE. I promise you'll love it and BONUS it makes packing for trips so much easier too.

How to Take Professional Quality Photos with Your Phone

About eight years ago, when my daughter was really little, I asked for a fancy camera from my husband. I never buy anything for myself and he always spoils me when it comes to gifts so I did hours and hours of research and finally picked what I wanted - a SONY A37 DSLR. You pretty much can't buy it anywhere now but at the time, it was perfect for me. I mostly took photos and video of my family but once in a while I was asked to photograph a wedding or senior photos. I'd always start with - I'm not a professional photographer. If you want professional - HIRE a professional.

Fast forward to 2021, and now I have a fancy phone that has a fantastic camera built-in. Now, my advice is still IF YOU WANT PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL but if you can't afford one or want a couple of basic fall pics of your kiddo or family, here are some tips I picked up from classes I've taken along the way.

Books that Have Recently Been Challenged in School Systems Across the US

Across the country, legislators and school administrators are seeing a spike in efforts to prohibit certain materials from being available in libraries. As a result, books that explore topics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and other social issues are being targeted. The American Library Association received over 330 reports in the last year alone, containing multiple books that are being challenged all over the U.S.

Check out the following gallery to see some of the books that are currently in hot seats across the country.

Click on the below links to read an additional synopsis of each book. *As Amazon associates we earn on qualifying purchases.

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