Mesker Park Zoo has two very special new residents, and they're so cute I can't handle it! 

Mesker Park Zoo YouTube Channel
Mesker Park Zoo YouTube Channel

Mesker Park Zoo recently announced two of their newest additions, and holy moly the cuteness is overload!  Red panda's are a part of a species whose genetics are monitored throughout the country, and there's only a few breeding pairs around the country, and Mesker Park Zoo is home to one of those breeding pairs.  In fact, Carys (mama panda) was trained to allow ultrasounds so the zoo could monitor her pregnancy. Thankfully all went well and the zoo recently welcomed two sweet female cubs!

The zoo says to plan on a couple months before the cubs will be visible in their exhibit as right now they're so young they're staying in the den box with their mom.

Be sure to follow Mesker Park Zoo on Facebook as I'm sure they'll be keeping us updated about the cubs!

You can learn more about the red pandas, and see photos of the cubs in the video below.



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