Yesterday, my daughter and I were headed out to Burdette Park for a day of swimming. Though there seems to be a ton of construction everywhere you turn in Evansville, we got to cruising down the Lloyd at a pretty good clip. Then I saw the lights.

It was a motorcycle police officer that was positioned on the far right lane of the Lloyd Expressway. At first, I didn't know what he was doing but as I got closer, I saw he was helping a funeral procession get onto the Lloyd. I immediately slowed but I wasn't sure if I was supposed to stop or just get over. I decided to stop and everyone behind me stopped too. Then, when the procession ended - I started up again. I assumed I needed to stay behind them but others went around me and were in line with the procession.

So, I looked it up and here's what Indiana law says about passing funerals on a multiple lane highway.

According to:

2017 Indiana Code
TITLE 9. Motor Vehicles
CHAPTER 13. Funeral Processions
9-21-13-6. Passing of funeral processions; multiple lane highways

Universal Citation: IN Code § 9-21-13-6 (2017)

IC 9-21-13-6 Passing of funeral processions; multiple lane highways
Sec. 6. A person who drives a vehicle may pass a funeral procession on the procession's left side on a multiple lane highway if the passing can be done safely.

So, there you have it. You "may" pass a funeral procession on the left side of a multiple highway. Although it's legal, it just seems disrespectful. And I doubt anyone will cuss you for not passing...

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