Will this convince someone who doesn't believe that there really is a Bigfoot in Missouri? I doubt it. However, a brand new video share alleges to have captured a Bigfoot scream in Mark Twain National Forest and it is beyond creepy.

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You'll need to have your volume turned way up for this, but if you listen closely you can hear a faint scream in the distance. It doesn't sound like a coyote to me which would have been my first guess. The video was just shared today, but it appears this originated in March of 2020 based on what he says.

By the way, extra credit to this guy for one of the best finger pics I've seen on YouTube recently. We've all been there and done that.

Sasquatch Theory via YouTube
Sasquatch Theory via YouTube

All finger kidding aside, I have to wonder if this is the same guy who said that he had a Sasquatch on his Missouri property a couple months ago. It's the same part of Mark Twain National Forest I think, so just wondering.

Is this really the sound of a Bigfoot or Mo-Mo or whatever you want to call him/her/it? I have no idea, but I will admit this scream doesn't sound like most of the animals I'm aware of in the Missouri woods. The closest I've been to that sound is the last time I stepped on one of my kids Lego blocks in our house. Scream indeed.

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