This is the most Evansville thing you will see all day.

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office arrested an Evansville man earlier today for attacking his neighbor with...wait for it...a weed eater!

I know what you might be thinking: "What possess a man to attack another man with a Weed Eater?"

Well, according to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office, the victim, Russell Roth claimed that his neighbor, Gail Kammerer III, had been weed eating a ditch on the opposite side of the roadway. This is where things went sour:

Roth indicated that he did not like the fact that the grass clippings were landing in the street. Roth admitted that he drove his riding mower into the street and then began blowing the grass clippings back towards Russell's property.

Krammerer's defense was that Roth blew the grass clippings on him. That made him angry enough to attack Roth with his weed eater. This lead to multiple lacerations on Roth's back, as he was shirtless at the time of the attack.

Gail was arrested for Battery as a Level 5 Felony, while Roth was issued a citation for Provocation as a Class C Infraction. You can read the full press release here for more.

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