Dogs seem to think everything was made to play with them. All things that are near them are a sort of toy or playmate. It's so adorable.

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At my house, our dog Luna thinks that our four-pound dog, Lola, is a toy dog. Her toy furry dog toy. You can tell that Luna would never hurt Lola but really wants to play fetch with her. It gets kind of annoying for Lola, while Luna just keeps trying to play with what, to be honest, even looks like a little toy.

I guess that's one of the reasons that I love dogs so much. They are usually always so happy and positive, always running and jumping around with dog smiles on their faces.  Dogs spend most of the day nappy or looking for someone or something to play with.

Random animal playmates - Whisky and Butter

Searching for fun videos, I came across Whisky. He is an adorable little Corgi, from Somerset, Kentucky, on his family boat at Lake Cumberland.

While sitting on the boat, enjoying the beautiful lake, a butterfly (I'm naming it Butter) landed beside Whisky on a beach towel. What happens next is an awesome and cute moment caught on camera. Priceless.




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