If you love museums and absolutely love the history of surgery over the decades, keep on reading!  I have to show you what this museum is all about.

I'm not a big fan of museums in general.  I guess the thought of paying to look at things that I'll probably be done with in less than 5 minutes just doesn't seem worth it to me.  After seeing this museum in Chicago, I might've changed my mind... a little bit!  I do enjoy watching videos on YouTube about procedures and the way they're done, but to learn about the archaic methods the medical field used to practice on patients is kinda nuts, too!


The mission of the Museum is to enrich people's lives by enhancing their appreciation and understanding of the history, art, and advances of surgery. - MOSS

Above is what a pharmacy used to look like in the 1800s.  I'm just imagining al the technology and advances we've made over the years and pharmacies look completely different now!

Below is medical equipment used to help patients who suffered from loss of muscle control and needed assistance breathing.  I know plenty of people who have more modern day machines that serve the same purpose!

You'll even get to see paintings depicting how medical procedures were done over 50 years ago!  This is one of the oldest known record of a surgical procedure.  Look at the photo really well, the tools are ANCIENT!  They're also pulling the patient's limbs, crazy.

The Museum depicts contributions from around the world to the history, development, and advances of surgery and related subjects in health and medicine. - MOSS

One of my favorite thing at the Museum of Surgical Science is the gift shop (since I'm not 100% the biggest fan of museums haha).  They have everything themed so you can bring home souvenirs you probably could never find anywhere else!

Like these syringe pens for example, how cool!

So, if you're interested in visiting the museum this summer they're located at 1524 N Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.  You can find them on Facebook here for more information about the museum!

Photos of Marvel Exhibit at Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago

Photos of Marvel Exhibit at Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago

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