What happens when you take out the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and replace them with Pee-Wee Herman? Pure comedy!

One of the most beloved films from the 90s has to be Jurassic Park. It has sparked four sequels and one more on the way. However, the original still holds up as the best. There are so many classic lines and scenes from Jurassic Park. I don't have to tell you what they are, you already know. Not to mention, the theme song from the movie...iconic!

How could you possibly make Jurassic Park more entertaining? That's a tough question. However, I think YouTuber, Pixel Riot may have found the answer. Take out the scariest parts of the movie, which are clearly the dinosaurs, and replace them with something completely random. It has to be something equally as iconic, something so obscure and absurd, that you can't help but laugh and watch it over and over.

So what do you replace the dinosaurs with? None other than Pee-Wee Herman.

Pixel Riot does videos of mashups of different movies and tv shows from pop culture. Back in 2017, he recreated the famous Jeep chase scene from Jurassic Park and replaced the T-Rex with Pee-Wee Herman.

How can you not laugh at that, right?!

Recently, Pixel Riot decided to create a whole trailer mashup between Pee-Wee Herman and Jurassic Park. It's called "Pee-Wee Park", and it takes the video above to a new level of hilarious. Without any further ado, "hold onto your butts" and get ready for a few laughs...

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