It's officially been one year since we were introduced to the chaotic saga of Joe Exotic, and he's still finding ways to make the headlines.

"Guess what (insert words I am not allowed to type here)?! " It's been a whole year since we started blaming Carole Baskin for everything wrong in the world thanks to the hit Netflix docuseries, "Tiger King". We all know the story by now, so no need for me to go into details. While Joe Exotic gained worldwide fame, he did it in a prison cell where he's in the middle of serving a 22 year sentence. However, that hasn't stopped him from still making the headlines.

Here are just a few examples of how Joe has been in the news since being in prison. He gained his fame as a result of the show and fans around the world would write letters to him. He'd reply to as many as he could begging everyone to ask then President Trump to pardon him. As we all know, that didn't happen. "Tiger King" season two is apparently in the works at Netflix. How it will work with Joe in prison has yet to be explained. And most recently, he launched a new line of shoes. Yes, Joe is keeping himself busy in prison by designing shoes.

According to TMZ, Joe Exotic has partnered with streetwear brand Odaingerous for his "Revenge" collection of shoes. They are exactly what you would expect from Joe Exotic. So much so that one of his shoes is named after "that (B-word)" Carole Baskin's late husband Don. Would you expect anything less from, ole Joe?

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The Dapper Don Trainer is one of three new shoes from Joe. It's got a wedge heel and padded straps. Then, there's the low-top Dapper Don sneaker, both made with genuine black leather and cat print straps. Finally, there's the Revenge Exotic 1. These are a traditional tennis shoe that is covered in cheetah print. Oh, and in case you were wondering how much they are, let me quote Joe himself by saying if you buy a pair you will "never financially recover from this". These shoes are sold at $249, $219 and $252 respectively.

If the shoes aren't your thing, Joe has already got some other items as a part of his "Revenge" line as well. You can also buy  "Casket Baskin" t-shirts and underwear, "Financially Recover" cheetah print underwear, and more from Joe's fashion line. Take a look at his new shoes and fashion line in the gallery below.

(H/T- TMZ)

Joe Exotic Fashion Line


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