It is now one of my favorite times of the year.  The official start to the NFL season.  Unfortunately, this year does not look anything like it usually does...thanks Covid.  That being said, NFL training camps have started and I couldn't be more excited.

Every summer around this time, us Colts fans pack up the family and head to Indianapolis to get an early look our favorite team.  This year, however, taking that anticipated trip doesn't get to happen.  Although, there are still ways the Colts are letting us in on the action of training camp.  They will be offering different virtual activities throughout camp.  Such as writing letters to Colts player and even joining in on a workout with the Colts cheerleaders.

There are even ways to make sure you stay up to date with all things Colts this summer with the "Training Camp Insider Email".  Here you will get camp news, videos and even a way to snag some cool prizes.  See, even Covid can't stop us from having some fun with our Colts.

If you are kid or have kids the deals are even better.  Again, everything is virtual but still pretty awesome.  The Colts are offering training camp videos to help kids improve their football skills right in the backyard.  Not to mention kids craft videos to follow along with.  There are plenty more great things to check out in regards to Colts training camp and they are all on  Go and see for yourself!

I think it's really cool that the Colts are offering a lot of different things for their fans during this time.  Now, if only I was nine years old again I could hone in on those receiving skills of mine.  Regardless of everything that is happening it's great to see football coming back for the 2020 season.  Hopefully, we can enjoy it one way or another.  Because, let's be honest we all need some football right about now.

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