A woman thought a White Castle employee was flirting with her boyfriend, so she pulled a handgun on her.

Good customer service is an art.  You have to be nice, pay attention and serve your customer with a smile.  But, not too big of a smile, or a jealous girlfriend might "bust a cap in you."  It sounds too ridiculous to be true, however, that's allegedly a quote from a woman who is suspected of pointing a Glock at the face of a White Castle drive-thru employee in Gary, Indiana on Feb 1st around 2:30 in the morning according to the Chicago Tribune,

Laila C. Cain, 22, was charged Tuesday with two counts of intimidation, one count of pointing a firearm and carrying a handgun without a license.

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The White Castle employee told police that after she took a customer's order, the customer pulled up in a Jeep followed by a woman jumping out of the passenger side with a firearm.  The drive-thru attendant told law enforcement that the suspect pointed a gun at her and said, “I ain’t afraid to bust a cap in you."

The suspect then jumped back into the jeep and left.  Just when the fast-food employee thought the coast was clear to take another order, the suspect popped up out of nowhere and slammed her drink down, and complained about the ice in her beverage.

Local police caught up with the Jeep and found multiple weapons inside.  There's a chance the suspect will spend Valentine's Day in jail.  That will free her boyfriend up to go out on a date with his favorite White Castle employee.

Late-night White Castle incidents seem to always take crazy to the next level.  Just a couple of years ago 3 Indiana judges got into a fight at a White Castle in Indianapolis with other customers that resulted in 2 people being shot.  Click here for that insane story.

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