Police bodycam footage shows a real goat rodeo with the Benny Hill theme playing in the background.

Last Thursday was off to a baaaad start for a goat in Cumberland, Indiana.  Police responded to a call about a possible injured goat in someone's yard.  When they arrived, they found a goat that seemed to have been drinking its Goat-arade, as it was full of energy.  Captain Crooke of the Cumberland Police Department and an officer from the Marion County Animal Care and Control are seen in the video below doing their best to safely capture the goat to make sure it's not injured and to get it back to where it belongs.  It's the addition of the Benny Hill theme song for me.

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After watching the video I don't think this is just any goat.  This is a motor goat. He is fast.  They were able to safely capture the goat according to the Cumberland Police Department's recent Facebook post,

THANKFULLY, the goat was not injured and just happened to be lost. He is being well fed and made comfortable until proper ownership can be found.

If you know who the goat belongs to you are asked to contact Marion County Animal Care & Control.

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time that Cumberland Police have responded to a goats disturbance.  Back in December of 2018 Officer Brent Brown spent over 3 hours attempting to catch 3 escaped goats.  This is what Officer Brown told Fox 59 about the incident,

It was crazy, neighbors came out trying to help, while I had a rope in my hand.

Nobody's goat time for that.

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