The Terre Haute police department's explanation of events doesn't match that of the owners of the dogs that were violently kicked on their porch.

A person claiming to be the owner of the dogs and resident of the house where the incident took place, Haley Richey, shared what transpired on her front porch after her dogs ran an alleged intruder out of the home.  Warning: the Ring camera footage below is disturbing.

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The video has since gone viral on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.  Richey's tweet alone has been viewed nearly a million times in just a couple of days.  Here is how the public is reacting to the video.

@Jerlynkle on Twitter
@Jerlynkle on Twitter
Jack Deckard on Twitter
Jack Deckard on Twitter

Many people responded to the violent video questioning if the person tweeting it was the actual owners of the dogs.  She responded by tweeting pictures of herself with her dogs.

The Terre Haute police department released a statement saying that the actions of Sergeant Jesse Chambers were justified, but the incident is under investigation.

After being overwhelmed by complaints following the release of the now-viral video, the Terre Haute Police responded on Facebook.  In their response, the police department claims they were responded to a report of an aggressive dog running loose, not a burglary call.  It's unclear why the police responded instead of animal control.

The statement from the Terre Haute police department goes on to say that the officer was basically defending himself from an aggressive dog.  However, just :07 into the video from the tweet at the top of the story, you can see Chambers aggressively running toward the dog and launching into his first kick before he was done climbing the steps.  The Ring footage then shows Chambers repeatedly kicking the dog so hard that the officer also destroyed Christmas decorations in the process.

As part of the police department's response on Facebook, they shared nearly 4 minutes of bodycam footage that they say puts the incident in perspective.

What do you think?  Was the officer justified or out of line?  Let us know in the comments.

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