This Indiana man just got arrested, again for misusing 9-1-1.  This time is even stranger than the last.

Daniel Schroeder of Evansville, Indiana has apparently felt very fatigued lately.  Maybe that's why Schroeder allegedly called 9-1-1 multiple times a couple of weeks ago to tell the dispatcher that he was tired.  The dispatchers told the 61-year-old that he should only 9-1-1 for emergencies only.  When he didn't follow that very basic recommendation, he was given a place to sleep at the Vanderburgh County jail.  Oddly enough, this is not a new thing for the suspect according to News Week,

Schroeder's arrest came one day after he pleaded guilty to a previous charge of misusing the 911 system. Police arrested Schroeder on the night of September 11 after he called 911 to express his anger that a female relative "was not following his rules."

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She wasn't following his rules?  OK, that's for a different story.  Schroeder was sentenced to 6 months in jail for his September 11th arrest.  Here's the kicker.  The judge suspended Schroeder's sentence as long as he promised to NOT call 9-1-1 unless there was an emergency.  The very next day, the suspect allegedly made those "I'm tired" 9-1-1 calls.  Daniel Schroeder will now spend 60 days in jail.



People misusing 9-1-1 isn't just an Indiana thing.  Ohio has its hands full too.  Back in January of 2020, an Ohio man was arrested for calling 911 as a dog.  In fact, that guy made nearly 80 non-emergency 911 calls before he was arrested.  How about the 39-year-old Ohio woman that called 911 after her parents canceled her cell service.  If you look up the word entitled in the dictionary there's a picture of her.  My personal favorite is the Ohio woman that called 911 after a Cleveland Browns trade.  Yikes.


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