When it comes to confidence, I was born with an extra amount. I've always been a performer. I would take any opportunity I could find to sing and dance in front of my family and my parent's friends. I was born a diva.

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Like grandmother, like granddaughter

My granddaughter is a chip off the old block. Although she has recently become a little shy when it comes to performing for a small crowd of adoring fans, she will still treat us to her talent every once in a while.

As a toddler, she would hold nothing back. She used to sing all the time, and if you gave her a mirror and a hairbrush she would kick it in gear. If you added a blowdryer wind machine,  her inner diva would take over. I love that she loves herself so much. She still does

Watch Norah and Papa perform a Diva Duet.

Have fun and let go

She hadn't yet felt embarrassment or fear of rejection. You know, i's too bad we ever feel those things, but we do.

If only we could just let go and not worry about what people think. Just sing and dance like nobody is watching, even if they are.

I think sometimes as adults, we forget to just have fun. We don't laugh and let go enough. So, next time you are in the bathroom, grab a hairbrush, turn on the hairdryer and let your dive go.

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