An Indiana State Police officer, working out of the Evansville post, was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly went on a drunken tirade in a bar in Fishers, Indiana.

According to reports, Hamilton County police were called out to a Sahm’s Bar and Grill early Sunday morning in response to calls that there was a man inside waving a pistol around other patrons. The suspect was later discovered to be two-year State Police veteran Christopher Dyer.

Unfortunately, by the time officers arrived on the scene, the suspect had already taken off on foot. However, the culprit was later apprehended, and found to be armed and highly intoxicated. A breathalyzer indicated Dyer had an alcohol level of 0.27 BAC.

Dyer was arrested and taken to the Hamilton County Jail where he was charged with Criminal Recklessness with a Weapon, Public Intoxication and Resisting Law Enforcement. He is expected to post bond sometime on Sunday.

Incidentally, Dyer will not return to his duties as a patrol officer after he posts bond. Instead, he will be placed on Administrative Duty while the charges against him are sorted out. Dyer will not be permitted to carry a weapon when he returns to work and will not have the power to make arrests. Following an internal investigation, Dyers could face suspension or termination, in addition to answering to his criminal charges in a court of law.