While searching for affordable Airbnbs, I came across one that was very unique. It offered something that the others didn't. Let's just say, it offered a unique perspective.

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The title of the listing read, Private Guest House, in Gated Nudist Resort. Ok, didn't expect that. I was shocked to say the least. Even though I have visited a nude beach in California, I didn't know that nude resorts existed in Indiana.

The listing went on to say,

<p>We live life naked. For those not familiar with nudity... We are nudists, not swingers!! Nudity does not involve sex. We don't like tan lines. We believe in body acceptance. All colors, shapes and sizes. We believe there is no perfect body, but every body is perfect.</p><p> </p>

Live life naked? Ok, I had to learn more. So, I Googled it and the term nude recreation came up.

What is nude recreation?

Nude recreation refers to recreational activities which some people engage in while nude. Historically, the ancient Olympics were nude events.

Then, to see how many nude resorts were located in Indiana, I Googled it. There are seven nudist resorts in the Hoosier state.

1. Drakes Ridge Rustic Nudist Retreat - Bennington, IN

According to their website,

Our family nudist camp is nestled in the rolling hills and valleys of beautiful Switzerland County Indiana, where the atmosphere is always quiet and relaxing. Awaken in the morning to song from the birds, and watch the whitetail deer quench his thirst at the pond. As you take your morning stroll to clothe yourself in sunshine, feel the burden of stress lift from your shoulders. Grab the fishing pole to try your luck at a bass or bluegill. Take a hike through the woods on one of our trails. Skip a rock on the pond. Later it may be volleyball, corn hole, skinny dip in the pool, or socializing with friends. We do know it will always be relaxing. Come for a visit and join us for a lifetime. Drakes Ridge truly is <em>Woodland Serenity for your Nudist Experience</em>.

2. Fern Hills Club - Bloomington, IN

Fern Hills Club is just that, a club. You can become a member and can visit whenever you like, or you can schedule a visit if you are a non-member. There are rules an principles that all must aide by when visit

In July 2022, the club is hosting a recreational nudist convention for the AANR organization.

Take a look at Fern Hills Nudist Campground.

3. Sun Aura Resort - Lake Village, IN

Sun Aura Resort has a long history of providing privacy, space and fun to their guests.

Sun Aura Resort is an amazing clothing optional resort located in Northern Indiana jut off I-65. Sun Aura has been a nudist/clothing optional campground since the 1930's! Over 300 acres of wood and trails, with RV and tent camping.

They have a great Facebook page with all of the activities and events, at the clothing optional resort, listed.  Below is a review from a previous guest. 

4. Sun Shower Country Club - Centerville, IN

Sun Shower Country Club is surrounded by beautiful woods.

Located on 120+ acres there is plenty for people to do and also secluded private spots for the ones that prefer chill time.  Our pool is very large and allows for rafts to sun on.  An umbrella protected picnic area poolside offers a place for meals, reading, chatting, etc.

Take a tour of Sun Shower.

5. Ponderosa Sun Club - Demotte, IN

Unlike the other resorts, the Ponderosa Sun Club is strictly for adults ONLY. After trying to find a video to put in this section of the article, I realized I should make that very clear.

Now, I know that y would think that all clothing optional resort would be adult only, but some families, like the one I saw at Black Beach, in California, enjoy the clothing optional freedom together.

If you would like to get more info, believe me, it's best that I just send you to their website. by the way, it's NSFW.

6. Sunny Haven Recreation Park - Granger, IN

Sunny Haven's website describes the park like this,

...Sunny Haven Recreation Park. We have often been told that we are one of the finest and friendliest nudist parks in the midwest. Sunny Haven was founded in 1947, on the back portion of our founder’s farm. 75 years later, we are a modern nudist park, enjoyed by people who come for daytime recreation and relaxation, and those who enjoy camping with RV’s, trailers and tents (or staying in one of our chalets).

The park has a restaurant called The Toasted Bun. I'm rolling! Too funny.

Here is a tour of Sunny Haven. (WARNING: You will see a naked female statue)

7. Land o' the Woods Club - Valparaiso, IN

The club is considered one of the oldest recreational nudist club in the US.

The founding members of Lake O' The Woods acquired the lake and surrounding acreage from the Sager family in 1933, and created what is now the second-oldest nudist club in the country. A daughter of one of the founders reportedly said “It’s such a pretty lake of the woods” … and the name stuck.

The history of the club, along with more info, can be found on their website.  

Don't want to get publicly nude in Indiana?

Here are 10 more nude resorts from around the country.

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