Back in September, I shared an amazing and hilarious school picture with you. Since then, Reagan’s photo has gone viral and made people all over the world smile and even laugh.

Unlike Reagan, kids usually dread the yearly school pictures, but parents love it. My bonus daughter was socially awkward and shy around strangers. She really didn’t like smiling for the photographer, she would barely make eye contact. More often than not, her photo turned out hilarious. She always had an awkward smile and weird look on her face. It didn't take long for us to learn retakes were a disaster too. So, we just paid for and framed whatever photo we got, the first time around. Now, looking back, we love them. Each one makes us smile and even laugh. But, they always happened by accident.

Here is Reagan making her school picture her own, I literally did a spit take when I saw the photo. Unlike my bonus daughter, she isn’t shy AT ALL. Her mom, Sarah, from Carmel IN, shared not only the epic school photo, but Reagan’s proud face displaying it.

I’m giving Reagan a HUGE high five for this one. BRAVO and well played! Here is her mom’s original Facebook post.

Reagan's sense of humor has spread all over the world. She’s even been featured on a podcast. Now, students and teachers are following her lead and making their school pics their own.


Sarah Hurley/Nicole Hersey/Facebook
Sarah Hurley/Nicole Hersey/Facebook
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