Indiana residents will now have to register their firearms strictly online, as the state has now completed a transition making the days of paper and mail obsolete.

Officials say they rolled out the new online only based licensing system on Monday, which got off the ground running without any issue, according to Indiana State Police spokesman Ron Galaviz.

While the new online system does make it so people can no longer process their firearms licenses through the mail, Galaviz says that shouldn’t cramp anyone’s style since most folks have been using the online process since it was put in to place.

Not only has the state of Indiana implemented a firearms licensing process but as of May 15, the state intends to push the all-digital aspect of their operation a step further by doing away with paper fingerprint cards and only accepting electronic fingerprints.

Incidentally, Galaviz says that the state already receives 75 percent of its fingerprints electronically.

You can apply for your firearms permit by clicking here.