The Cannizzaro family bought a 20,000-square-foot Freemason temple in Indiana for $89,000, and they're now turning it into their home.

According to Business Insider, two years ago, Theresa and Atom Cannizzaro bought a former Masonic temple that acted as a meeting place for one of the world's most secretive organizations for almost 100 years. Now the couple and their three children are renovating the building and turning it into their home.

Formerly living in San Diego, the Cannizzaros had a change of heart and decided that instead of raising their three children in a busy city, they wanted a big ranch in the Midwest. As they began driving around and house hunting, they stumbled across the 20,000 sq ft property. They ended up buying the temple for $89,000 in full and moved in six months later.

Theresa is a full-time respiratory specialist and Atom stays at home to watch the children and work on remodeling . So far, they have spent an additional $40,000 on renovations.The couple refuses to take out loans, so the process has been "slow moving".

The couple has their work cut out for them. Here is a look at just some of the spaces in the gigantic house.

This room is the basement, where the Freemasons held large events. Several hundred people can fit into this space.


Theresa even lets her kids ride their bikes down there when it's cold out.

basement 2

The basement is full equipped with a kitchen including six ovens, a 10-burner stove, and a deep fryer.


The second floor is the Canizzarro's main living space.

living room
kitchen 2

They even installed a super rustic-chic bathroom to fit the vibe.


And the Freemasons offices have been turned into the kids' rooms.

bedroom kids

The second floor also features a library, which is Theresa's favorite room in the house.

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