My family loves Halloween. We have had some of the best Halloween costumes. Epic costumes. Living out in the country, we never really had many trick or treaters come to the house. Maybe it’s because I would answer the door, in full costume and character, as a hideous witch while carrying a candleabra. I don’t know.

Because, we had no candy beggers, we would go out to parties or just take the kids out hunting for candy in the neighborhood. But, now that our kids have grown up, we don’t celebrate like we used to celebrate the spooky and fun holiday.

Now that we have no kids costumes to think about, my husband has gone crazy. Even though, we have no parties to go to, he has run several ideas past me in the last week for his costume. Let me tell you, they are all ridiculous. But, this one is the most outrageous.

So, he comes home the other day and looks like a kid on Christmas morning. He couldn’t wait to show me something that he found on Facebook. You know the ads that come up when you search for things on Google. Yeah, this type ads. He had been searching for realistic Halloween masks. So, crazy realistic masks invaded his news feed. One was, not only a super realistic mask with a wig attached, but a neck and torso too. They had an old man, old lady, hairy bald guy, muscular guy and hot, voluptuous woman. Well, guess which one HE wants to be, the hot girl.

There are bigs plans being cooked up for that costume. He wants to get it, now, because it’a Halloween. But, not for a party because, well, Halloween during a pandemic isn’t quite what it usually is. No, he want’s to use it for a prank on his Uncle Daryl. He even wants to get his aunt in on it.

Listen to this! He wants to dress up, using the hot girl mask, wig and torso and hitchhike on our road. The plan is to have his aunt alert him the time when she and his uncle will be passing by, and my husband plans on going out on the road and playing a 220 lb. muscular and hairy, damsel in distress. Can you feel me shaking my head, no, right now? Not only that, he wants to prank his uncle by flirting with him in front of his wife. Cue super awkward moment that will embarrass his sweet uncle terribly.

After watching him crack himself up while telling me his idea and thinking about it for about 30 seconds, I told him no, absolutely not. Now, he wants to prank all his friends and family who drive down our road. OMG! It is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard of and he thinks its going to be hilarious. I hope somebody calls the cops to help her/him. LOL

I can totally relate to this wife from Decatur, IN who’s husband dresses up, during the entire month of October, as Michael Myers, from Halloween. He does silly, stupid and funny things all over town. Equally, if not more hilarious than watching HIM, in the videos, is her reaction to catching him playing Michael Myers in the act. Here are just a few of the LOL videos she has made. I totally feel her pain. Meet the Michael Myers of Decatur.

I told you they are great. See more videos HERE.

Now, share this Halloween hilarity with all of our friends.

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