From the same couple that brought us the photoshopped While You were Sleeping photos, comes another hilarious challenge. This time, it's a video challenge that requires you and your partner top try and match pitch. The results are hilarious.

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First, let’s look back at the photos of Sharea Overton's husband that made world LOL. Much like the Bernie Sanders photoshopped photos that went viral, Everyone, including me, started putting Sharea’s husband in different places and with different funny scenarios.

Wife Asks For ‘While You Were Sleeping...' Pics And The Results Are Hilarious

Now, here is the latest shenanigans of Sharea and her husband,

I love it! So, I had to accept the Match Pitch Challenge and see if Quenton and I could do it.


@lesliemorgantics#voiceeffects#matchpitchchallenge#lmfao♬ original sound - Leslie Morgan Ling


We used voice effects on Tik Tok because I thought my husband sounded even more funny as a chipmunk redneck. LOL We made it our own.

I want to see your videos of the #matchpitchchallenge. Send them to me through WKDQ Facebook Messenger.

Here are the Bernie Sanders Memes I made for WKDQ.

Where In The World Is Bernie? WKDQ Edition

If you hacveblt seen my Q In Quantine pics, you are missing out. Here you go!

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