Before I start, I want to admit I am 100 percent too much of a wimp to go on a legit haunted tour, but I know for many others this might be a dream come true. If you happen to be one of those 'others', I think you will get chills over what I am about to share with you.

The History of One of Illinois' Most Haunted Places, Peoria State Hospital

Ghost hunts and paranormal investigations may not be my jam, but even I know that the Peoria State Hospital in Bartonville, Illinois is often called one of the most haunted places in Illinois, and that was before you could go inside the actual building.

Peoria State Hospital Museum via Facebook
Peoria State Hospital Museum via Facebook

Peoria State Hospital operated from 1902 to 1973 as an asylum, and only those that were deemed officially insane got to call the hospital their permanent home. The hospital may have closed in 1973, but many residents never left and now the building has decades of paranormal experiences to share with us all.

Peoria State Hospital Museum Is Now Open For Paranormal Tours

In 2013, the Peoria State Hospital reopened as the Peoria State Hospital Museum with the goal to preserve "the true history of this historical groundbreaking institution" according to its website.

Since its reopening, the Peoria State Hospital Museum has hosted tours of its fascinating artifacts and buildings, but the tours have never focused on the spookier side of the institution, until now...

If you're wondering what could be in store at a paranormal investigation of Peoria State Hospital Museum, here are some of the experiences one of the museum's owners, Christina Harris, recently told Central Illinois Proud;

The history is good here. It’s not what you see at most other institutions. We get a lot of footsteps, a lot of hellos from the down the hallway.

Harris also says the museum's ghosts are not 'angry ghosts' and that they 'just don't want to leave'. Are you brave enough to find out of she is telling the truth? Buy tickets for the paranormal investigation tour now by clicking here.

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