It is another edition of “What Unnecessary Item are They Going to Think of Next”.  Last week we learned that Cup Noodles will be releasing a pumpkin spice flavored ramen noodle.  First off, that’s just gross.  Second, do we really need that in our lives?  Anyway, in the same manner as Cup Noodles, IKEA has also decided to release their own special item for the fall.  No, it has nothing to do with pumpkin spice but rather their world-famous meatballs.

As a way to say thank you to their loyal customer, IKEA has created “IKEA Store in a Box”.  It is a limited-edition collection of all the things that make IKEA great.  One of those great things is, of course, their meatballs.  Before you ask, no, they are not sending you freshly made meatballs in a box.  Instead, they will send you the next best thing a meatball-scented candle.  There will be other items in this box but come on, the candle is the star.

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The HUVUDROLL meatball scented candle will make your home smell like you just walked into an IKEA store that has freshly made meatballs ready for you to purchase.  I mean the downside is that there will be no actual meatballs in the house but I guess the smell of them is just as good, right?

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Again, I’m not really sure who this candle is for.  But I am sure there are a few very loyal IKEA fans out there who would love nothing more than for their house to smell like balls of meat.

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