If your house is like ours, pizza does not last very long, specially frozen pizza, which my boys love, or take & bake pizza that you pick up and bake yourself. This happened over the holidays with all of the pizza being gone before my wife and I even had a chance to look at it.

That will not happen in a couple of weeks when we host our annual big game football party and pizza is a big part of that. I found the below video which is nothing short of genius that shows you to keep pizza for yourself without anyone noticing...in other words, STEALING IT!

Keep in mind, this will only work with a pizza that has not been cut before serving. All you do is take a hunk out of the middle and put the two remaining halves back together, turn it 90 degrees, cut another portion from the middle and slice normally.

The pizza will be a tad smaller, but nobody will notice the that a huge chunk is missing and you will have a generous portion just for you that is all yours.....I know, you're welcome. Check it out.


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