Can you imagine a movie being so disgusting that it makes you throw up? That’s apparently what happened to several moviegoers who attended screenings of the new horror movie Terrifier 2 this past week.

According to reports and photos from social media, numerous moviegoers around the nation have been getting sick and even passing out in theaters due to the horror film's intensely graphic, disturbing nature.

At some locations, movie theaters are reportedly even offering branded barf bags to those who purchase a ticket to see the movie.

The indie film reached the Top 10 at the box office and took in $1.3 million in its first week, despite costing under $250,000 to make.

Writer-director Damien Leone spoke with Entertainment Weekly regarding the numerous reports of viewers being disturbed to the point of vomiting due to his gory creation.

"Listen, I would have loved to have a couple of walk-outs, I think that's sort of a badge of honor because it is an intense movie. I don't want people fainting, getting hurt during the movie. But it's surreal. Here's the thing, it's called Terrifier 2, you should probably see Terrifier 1 before you jump into this one," he shared.

"If you see Terrifier 1, you'd know what you're getting into," Leone continued. "There is a now-notorious murder scene, a hacksaw scene, in Part I that everyone walks away talking about. We tried to rival that scene [in the new film] because the really supportive fan base that we've had this entire time, that has really started to put Art [the serial killer clown] on a pedestal. I mean, those are the things that they really want. I think this movie is more accessible, but we're essentially still making these movies for them, and if other people want to come on board, the more the merrier."

See reactions from viewers, below.

Warning: Graphic language and gory imagery are featured in some social media posts below.

So what is Terrifier 2 about? The sequel to 2016 slasher Terrifier sees grisly serial killer Art the Clown get resurrected by something supernatural. He returns to Miles County, where he targets a brother and sister on Halloween night and embarks on a bloody, gruesome killing spree. A third installment in the franchise is already planned.

If you dare, watch the Terrifier 2 trailer, below.

Warning: Trailer includes graphic imagery.

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