Joseph Owens of White Plains died November 11th, but his obituary has several people wishing they had the chance to meet him.

A friend of mine shared Joseph's obituary on Facebook with three laughing emojis. I began to wonder why someone would laugh at an obituary, so naturally I had to read it. After reading the first line, I knew that he had a sense of humor that brought so much joy to those who knew him. Even those like myself that didn't know Joseph wish we had the chance to hang out with him and share a few laughs.

Here's how his obituary starts:

Joseph Allen Owens, “Joe”, of White Plains died November 11th at the age of 66 most likely due to a combination of Biden winning the presidency and pure shock that his fellow American peers are once again choosing to hoard toilet paper instead of true essential items like food.

Joseph's obituary continues on to talk about who the man was-hard working, devoted family man, and " having little to no patience for stupidity". It sure seemed like he was a a character. That trait must have been passed down to other members of his family judging by how his obituary was written full of personality and life. Toward the end of his obituary, you will get another good laugh over his love for beer.

His family would also like to extend a helping hand and warn anyone with stock in the Anheuser-Bush company to SELL now because without Joe’s contributions to the company they are likely to plummet soon.

Like I said, I never met Joe or his family. After reading his obituary, I sure wish that I did. So Joe, this weekend, I will stock up on "true essential items", and drink and ice cold Anheuser-Busch beer in your honor. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends, I can tell that you lost a great man and I hate it that it happened in such crazy times.

To read his full obituary, you can click here.

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