You're invited to spend a magical day in the world of unicorns in Louisville this December.

There's something about the mythical creatures known as unicorns that is fascinating to so many people, kids especially. Even here at work, our boss tells us to be "unicorns", and we have so many unicorn themed things around the office. If you or your kids are fans of unicorns, you have the opportunity to be immersed in a world full of them in Louisville.

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Unicorn World Coming to Louisville

You and your family will have the opportunity to be transported to the magical world of unicorns this December. An event called "Unicorn World" will be coming to Louisville. There, you will be able to play with life-sized unicorns, hang out in a magical forest, and have a blast with a day of unicorn activities and rides for the whole family to enjoy. According to The Unicorn World's Facebook, here's what you can expect to see inside:

The Enchanted Unicorn Forest
Once through the rainbow arch, you'll find yourself deep within the enchanted unicorn forest where you'll have to help Sprinkles the unicorn save her unicorn friends from the evil magician.
Arts & Crafts
With the help of the fairies, you'll make it through to the arts & crafts area, where there will also be face painting and a reading area of our very own Unicorn World story book!
Rainbow Acres
Let your little one explore the stables of all our colorful unicorn friends. Get closer to these beautiful life-like creatures than you ever have before!
Once you've explored the stables, take time to play and dance in our rainbow play area. *There will be a 2 and under soft play area available*
Bounce House Village
Let your little one prance and play on our magical unicorn bounce houses! *There will be a 2 and under bounce house available for our smallest friends to enjoy*
Grazing & Glimmering Games
Grab a snack in our grazing area and then head to the Glimmering Games area for some interactive unicorn lawn and carnival style games.
Galloping Glen
Race around Unicorn World on your favorite unicorn friend.
Four worlds will be available for your little one to choose their favorite: Rainbow Run, Lollipop Lane, Princess Palace, and the Looping Lagoon!
Magical Market
Don't leave Unicorn World without your magical memento!

Unicorn World will be coming to Louisville on December 3rd and 4th at the Kentucky International Convention Center. According to the event's website, you can book your tickets online for a timed entry. However, once inside, there is no time limit once inside Unicorn World. Tickets are $30 in advance online, with several add-on packages available. Children under 2 are free. You can get your tickets now by clicking here, and you can learn more about the event in the video below:

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