As we roll through November, we're getting close to time to deck the halls for Christmas.  Now I love Christmas as much as the next person, but in my house Halloween reigns supreme.  It's my all time favorite holiday to decorate before, and to be honest a lot of my home décor is actually Halloween décor I've purchased over the years. So it made me wonder, what would be a good way to keep the creepy factor around Christmas time?  Then it hit me, Halloween Christmas tree!

I am in a group on Facebook called Halloween 24/7 where well, it's Halloween all year long.  Many people in that group do Halloween Christmas trees and they are phenomenal! The perfect amount of spooky while still giving off that cozy Christmas tree vibe.  Check out some photos below for Halloween Christmas tree inspiration! Let me tell you, these are some seriously talented folks!

Halloween Christmas Trees Are the Perfect Way to Make Christmas Creepy

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