When Liberty and I were coming up with questions for this week's episode of This or That, the question that we really expected to be the least interesting ended up being the one that shocked us the most - I'm still thinking about it days later. We were talking with Andrew Backes, the Executive Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana, and we just wanted to take his temperature (so to speak) in regards to the temperature of his coffee. The question was iced or hot coffee. Simple enough, right. Next thing you know, my jaw drops to the floor when I hear Andrew's response. I was shocked, I was confused, I was intrigued.

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Andrew proceeds to tell us about a unique drink served up at White Swan Coffee Lab, located on Franklin Street on Evansville's west side - a drink called the "Tiger Woods." You might be familiar with the "Arnold Palmer," a delicious concoction that combines lemonade and iced tea. It doesn't sound good, but it works. The "Tiger Woods" is similar, but different, and according to Andrew, it is straight yummy. As I said, I am intrigued - I haven't tried it yet, but I definitely want to and plan to. Take a listen as Andrew explains the Tiger Woods and answers the rest of our This or That questions.

This or That with Andrew Backes

Here's a friendly reminder that Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana are hosting their annual Bowl for Kids' Sake event on July 14th and 17th at Franklin Lanes. There is still room for you and your team. Go ahead register here.

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