Since the first time I have felt like I was in the presence of a ghost or spirit, I have always felt like the apparition was appearing to me for the purpose of good. In the few encounters I have experienced, I always felt better and more at peace than I did before the spiritual moment in time.

When I saw this photo on one of the haunted Facebook groups I follow, I wasn't sure if the two ghostly images were protecting the occupants of the home during a storm or if they might have brought the storm themselves. I guess it could be either one.

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First, take a closer look at the images. One image appears in the top window, bottom pane, and the other appears in the lower window, top pane.

Dani Marie/Facebook
Dani Marie/Facebook
Dani Marie/Facebook
Dani Marie/Facebook
This is what Dani put in the Facebook group post status.
Ok so a few years ago I was sitting in my living room during a storm. I had looked at my window and saw this on the bottom left.
I've lived in my house 17 yrs now. My son and myself have had odd things here and there happen. Whispering downstairs to the point I grabbed him out of his room and into mine, my dogs viciously barking at the empty bathroom (that one gave me chills) .
Given the fact that her dog has been disturbed and bothered by the bathroom, it would lead you to believe that the images might be in and around the house to antagonize the family, not put them at protect or comfort. Either way, the ghostly images are very visible and especially creepy during a storm.
Dani also shared this with me.
I actually had mopped the floor one day and in the middle of my wet floor was dog prints. Lol no prints around it. Like a dog just landed in the middle of my floor and went back into the air. We've had the computer freeze... a voice say im sorry in a computerized voice and unfreeze. The TV work when it wasn't plugged in. It turns off and on. It's been interesting here. Nothing bad though. Thankfully.
Thank you so much to Dani for the use of her photo and her story.
According to, hearing strange noises like whispering could mean your house is haunted. Marie said that she and her son have heard whisperings downstairs, in their home. Here are a few more things that might be happening in your home that could raise some spirit red flags.
  • Changes in Temperature, such as random cold spots.
  • Smelling things that can't be explained.
  • Light flickering with no electrical explanation.
  • Objects moving without being touched.

This reminds me of a friend who told me the strange happenings in her old farmhouse in Dubois County, IN. She had many weird and unexplained things happen when she and her husband first moved in and started doing some minor renovation. Blinds and cabinets opening up by themselves, noises of things moving about upstairs while she and her husband were both downstairs, and the sound of a small child wildly laughing outside in the yard.

During that time, she and I had worked together on several projects and she had relayed the happenings to me. I felt drawn to the story and wanted to hear all of the details. It was crazy because she had never told anyone about what she and her husband had heard in their house. But, she felt like she needed to share it with me.

She said, after our conversation, the old refrigerator that had come with the house when they bought it started making awful, loud, clanging noises. Since they had just spent quite a bit of money on the move and renovation, they really didn't what to have to buy a new refrigerator. So, her husband, unplugged it to take a look at the internal engine of the fridge, but the loud clanging continued. Confused and a little scared, he looked under the fridge to try and find a reason why it, after being unplugged, was still clanging.

What they found were old pages from a very old coloring book stuck up inside the refrigerator. He slowly pulled them out and straightened them out so they could see what was on the papers. The loud noises inside the fridge kept on until they opened up the pieces of the coloring book, looked at the colored pictures, and read the name on the pages out loud. Then, the loud clanging stopped.

After that, all of the strange occurrences that had been happening since they moved into the old farmhouse, stopped. To this day, they have no idea who the little girl is who's name was on the coloring pages or when and if she ever lived in the house. All they know is her name was Leslie.

I know, I get chills too. It's as if the spirit of the little girl just wanted to make herself known. Leslie's are like that. LOL

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